Hello World! Welcome the World of Cybersecurity

Hello World! Unveiling the Hidden World of Cybersecurity

Hello World, and Welcome to this introduction to Cybersecurity!
What I am trying to do is give someone with at least some college education or equivalent a very simple “welcome to cybersecurity” overview, with posts such as the top 10 security concepts.

Not the 50+ hours of training that you really need to get through a certification, but a few byte-sized snippets of critical concepts so that the rest of it will make sense, including references to a few (very) short videos for those of you who are visual learners at each step of the way.

What’s the plan for Cybersecurity?

What is the plan for cybersecurity?

But OK, where do we go from there?

Once we get a few concepts behind us, I will recommend resources and a plan to get certified.

I have passed the Security+ and CySA+ certification exams, from very little background. In fact, I had to go back and review some of the network+ material because I was like the proverbial “deer staring into the headlights” with the network questions. Passing these exams are not difficult, but they do take time because you not only need to understand the concepts, but be able to work with tools like NMAP in the exam!

I will eventually blog about my journey there as well.

A little bit more about me: I don’t have much of a social media presence, this is my attempt to kick start it.

I was a developer in cloud computing for the last three years. Before that, I did server and application development for the better part of 5 decades.

I have mentored countless people over the years; software engineers, product managers, and yes, lawyers!

Did I mention I practiced patent law for a decade? It’s more like getting paid to learn stuff from really smart people!

I hope to blog on all of this, but not here; this is all about cybersecurity, what you should know about it, and how to get more info.

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